About Us

Our mission

To offset the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) to support healthcare professionals and community workers in Montreal in their fight against COVID-19.

The story begins on March 25th, when a group of Montreal makers, hackers, students, healthcare workers and small business owners—who had previously started manufacturing face shields—joined forces under what would later become Protection Collective.

By March 27th, this self-organized network had already manufactured 100 protective face shields. These were distributed at the Jewish General Hospital. On April 2nd , they delivered an additional 65 face shields to the MUHC, Charles-Le Moyne, and Sacré-Coeur hospitals.

On a regular basis,

Protection Collective is picking up 3D-printed parts from individuals all over town. Robocut Studio and North Star Machines À Piastres are laser-cutting the visors. All of these parts are then dropped off at Foulab Hackerspace for final assembly and sterilisation. Nonprofits Head and Hands and Donnez la protection are in charge of distributing the products to the healthcare workers who need them most urgently.

Due to an outpour of support, Protection Collective is quickly outgrowing its current facilities.

Since March 26th,

Tailor Dresden à Foulab travaille des journées de 12 heures pour imprimer, assembler et stériliser les visières de protection dans la minuscule salle blanche de Foulab. Heureusement, le fabricant de satellites MDA a généreusement offert de prendre en charge les tâches d’assemblage et de stérilisation dans ses propres salles blanches conformes aux normes spatiale dans ses installations à Montréal et à Toronto. Cela permettra certainement à Protection Collective d’augmenter sa production dans les prochains jours.

Protection Collective is urging everyone with access to a 3D printer, or to rapid prototyping ressources, or simply with a will to help manufacture free PPE for healthcare workers to reach out to us.