Our Face Shields

Our face shields are based on an open source design by Prusa Research, a 3D Printing company based in Czech Republic. The design is based on dozens of prototypes and received two approvals from the Czech Ministry of Health. These shields are being used by healthcare professionals around the world and across Canada.

Manufacturing Process

3D Printed Visor

The top and bottom visor components of our face shields are manufactured by our network of 3D Printers across Montreal from either PLA or PETG plastic filament.

PETG / PET Shield

The shield is made from PET or PETG film, ranging from 0.0006″ to 0.003″ in thickness depending on the production run. We manufacture these components with laser cutters, die cutter press, and CNC cutting tables.


PETG / PET Shield

Our latex-free woven elastic headband is made from Polyester (wrap), and rubber (core). They are cut to size and punched with multiple holes for easy adjustment.

Our procedures

Assembly & Disinfection

The components are delivered to MDA, a manufacturer of satellites, who takes care of the final assembly, disinfection, and bagging in their space grade clean room. Each component is given a bath in reagent grade isopropyl alcohol 99.9% before assembly, then vacuum packed.


Distribution & Delivery

Our Shields are distributed either by our volunteers directly, Head and Hands, or Donnez La Protection. We prepare the shields in vacuum-sealed bags of 10 for easy distribution.

We donate all our our face shields. If you are interested in supporting our initiative, please consider donating to us.

Reusing face shields

Be careful!

If in an emergency scenario, cleaning or reusing face shields becomes necessary, please see the disinfection guide below, which compiles the lab-verified methods provided by Prusa Research.